25 April 2017

Local Tunes Round Up: Ben & Ben, Squid 9, Asch, Ankhten Brown, Leon.

Manila’s days are heating up, and local musicians are only here to add to that. This week’s local tunes round up features two new tape releases, a cool spin on a meme, a new single from an up and coming duo, and a fresh new music video. Cool yourself from the blazing sun with fresh new music below:

Ankthen Brown ft. Dru Jetzon - Cash Me Outside

Most memes end up overused and overstaying their welcome, but Ankthen Brown and Dru Jetzon’s spin on the popular line Cash Me Outside makes you forget its annoying origin. The song is quick but catchy, and you’re sure to be repeating its hook after your first listen, which we’re sure won’t be your last.

Ben & Ben - Leaves

Fresh from their successful EP launch last December, it seems like the duo Ben & Ben have no plans of taking it slow anytime soon with their latest release titled Leaves. A departure from their more upbeat first single Ride Home, Leaves is somewhat sad yet hopeful, apt for its subject of endings and beginnings.

Leon. - Statements

Two years since his last release, Leon. comes back with a new name and a fresh beat tape to boot. Previously known as SOUL_BRK, Leon. opts for a honest and simpler approach to his music, evident in his new drop. The song statements is a standout, complemented with Timothy Vaughn’s flawless bars, but we guarantee that each track off the tape will pull you in.

Asch - Beats for Sale/Lease

Hot on the heels of his Ashes to Ashes track release, electronic soul and jazz musician Asch does everyone a favor with his Beats For Sale/Lease set. Armed with his usual head bobbing beats, each track is slick and smooth, some with tight drops sure to give you eargasm. 

Squid 9 - Shiny

Local electronic group Squid 9 dropped the video for Shiny, a song off their 2016 album Weld. Enlisting the help of Taken By Cars drummer Bryan Kong, the video sees members Shinji Tanaka, Ymi Castel, and Raymund Marasigan passing a mystery box along the walls of Crazy Katsu, NAIA, and the streets of Hong Kong. The mystery is never revealed throughout the video, but the smooth beats and the vicarious travel to Hong Kong make the cliffhanger worth it.


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