16 July 2017

What happened in Pursuit Fair 2017 – Vol. 1

People flock to bazaars for good reason, and it’s to painstakingly meander through a vast array of stalls in hopes of scoring great buys. The experience has always been more or less the same for everyone: we visit a bazaar, spend enough time rummaging through the brands, then leave as soon as we finally purchase something we like. That’s basically it, really—we rarely find any motivation to stick around.

Photos by Zaldine Alvaro

PURVEYR’s second Pursuit Fair, which took place last July 1 at the Century City Mall Events Space where the striking Makati skyline comes into view, ultimately changed my perspective about bazaars. An offbeat lifestyle fair originally intended to serve as an intimate space for a flourishing community with a shared love for local culture, Pursuit Fair 2017 – Vol. 1 encapsulated everything PURVEYR stands for and more: “Thoughtful brands breed a thoughtful community.”

With around 20 participating local brands last year to a total of 41 brands this year, it’s difficult to miss the buzz that the Pursuit Fair is making. It was impossible to leave the venue empty-handed given the diverse range of locally crafted products that were available that Saturday. Among the many up-and-coming clothing brands that attended were Boy in Transit, REVERE, Tenement, Tomorrow, Buzzhype, Thy Origins and Elevate Apparel. Other fashion and lifestyle brands such as ika by Angelica Rodriguez, Basic Commodity, The Maverick Pomade, and Polly Patch also chimed in the fun. But of course, the event wouldn’t have been complete without the delectable, filling participation of Idiot Sandwich, Tetsuo, Ono Poké Shop and District B. With all these creative home-grown brands to look out for, it’s safe to say that that the local culture is indeed thriving now more than ever, and Pursuit Fair succeeds in becoming the platform for everyone to enjoyably collaborate with and celebrate one another.

The event was anything but grand, but only because it didn’t have to be. What sets the Pursuit Fair apart from any other run-of-the-mill bazaar was its unconventionality. There were all sorts of cool things happening at the venue, such as folks getting their hair groomed at the pop-up barbershop by Slick Barbers Co as beautiful live music filled the glass-enclosed room. It fostered a better sense of community and appreciation for local culture as there was plenty of room for exchanging conservations with strangers on local craft and talent, and this is exactly why I can say that more than mere shopping, the Pursuit Fair was an experience like no other.

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