12 August 2017

NikeLab opens its first store in South East Asia

NikeLab recently opened a Singapore location debuting products such as the new NikeLab x Pigalle collection, CLOT x Nike Air VaporMax, and the Sachs NikeCraft Mars Yard 2.0. The space is within notable retailer Dover Street Market Singapore which opened its doors to the public last July 29. The NikeLab section's design features locally-sourced materials and flooring composed of Nike Grind – premium recycled and regenerated materials out of gym floors, outdoor court surfaces, and running tracks. Sustainable materials used throughout its structure emphasizes on NikeLab's innovative ways.

Words by Raniel Moraleta, Photos courtesy of Nike Philippines

For those unfamiliar, NikeLab is a retail store by Nike headed by the avant-garde. Started on June 12 2014, it pursues innovation with its existing models, collaborating with creatives who reinvent both modern and retro silhouettes and executes them in a unique, quality-driven, aesthetic manner. The end products result in upgraded and evolved variations of the usual styles you see at your local Nike stores. The use of premium materials with the improved and edited overall look of the silhouettes prove to be favorites for individuals who have a finer taste for what they wear. The exclusive pairs and releases have also generated a loyal following since NikeLab's inception.

Before NikeLab SG's establishment, it could be found in Hong Kong, Paris, London, China, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, and New York. Countries and cities known for their refined taste and abundance in innovative and creative influences. You can see the growth of the beloved NikeLab with its continued spread, and the growth of communities worldwide as their creations become more riveting in every release. A sure sign of this is the Singapore flagship store which represents the first NikeLab in South East Asia. A stone's throw away from the motherland compared to the much farther counterparts. One can only hope to have the honor to be in the vicinity of a NikeLab PH. Although it wouldn't be far fetched, the local industries have come a long way from its humble roots. Local artists thrive independently with the culture moving forward in film, fashion, music, and art. Local artists like Yeo Kaa, Dex Fernandez, and Quatro Ravalo Los BaƱos have dabbled in their art being produced as merchandise. Yeo Kaa's collaboration with Progress, Dex Fernandez' Garapatees, totes, and stickers, and Quatro's Hapimeel shirts, 1:1 exclusives, and stickers. Three from the many more local innovative artists who NikeLab can collaborate with. In addition, we have also seen the success of similar stores who follow the same dedication to quality, design and curation such as Commonwealth. A strong case for a NikeLab PH? Maybe one day.

And to give us a firsthand experience, Nix Pernia aka NixDamnP shares to us a few stories from being part of the NikeLab SG launch last July 29.

NikeLab's continued pursuit for craftsmanship has reached Singapore, what was it like experiencing all this first hand?

NIX: Of course it was a dream to be there, I was really excited. The overall experience was really amazing because I never expected to be one of the people who would represent the Philippines in a NikeLab launch. It was also a surreal experience to be with different influencers and creators. Other than the experience with the store, the next big thing was connecting with all these other Nike ambassadors and representatives – having to spend time with like-minded creative individuals.

What can you tell to people who haven't been to a NikeLab space yet?

NIX: The vibe is very different. What's also great is that every NikeLab store is made different, not only with store design but also up to their selections.

I'd recommend for people to include NikeLab stores as a destination when visiting countries where they are present. It's really a different retail experience. You won't regret it, more so if you love the brand and what they do.

Personal favorite from the NikeLab Singapore debut collection?

NIX: For sure the NikeCraft Mars Yard 2.0 by Tom Sachs. To be able to hold it physically in NikeLab Singapore was an experience. Then all the other products available were also very nice, can't say no to any of them. The materials were really intriguing and interesting, it made them a lot more appealing.

If you could reinterpret a Nike silhouette, what would it be?

NIX: Maybe the Nike Blazer? I really like how it's designed, a little nod to skateboarding and basketball, but is very casual and lifestyle-based too. How would I change it? I'd probably make it more of a tech-forward type of pair.

And, is there a silhouette you would never change?

NIX: Sock Dart, definitely the that. I like it how it is now, so please leave it as it is. (laughs)

Do you think a NikeLab in the Philippines would be plausible anytime soon?

NIX: Yeah of course! Filipinos really love sneakers. I think it's amazing how connected we are with it. Also, I think the market is ready for it, I think it's time to have something like it locally.


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