17 October 2017

On Progress and Taking a Step towards our Passions

Progress is an arbitrary concept. In its simplest form, it means ‘an onward movement’ or ‘to move forward’. Unfortunately, a lot of people feel stuck in a rut because they think that progress is always limited to something grand, like a promotion at work or hitting a big life goal. Either that or they fall in a trail of self-doubt with every nudge towards progress, especially in a generation where likes have become the seal of approval and comparing oneself to others just seems a little to inevitable.

It’s important to remember that progress is a personal love affair and includes every small step we take, whether it is our constant pursuit for new experiences or an attempt at the things that we are interested in or passionate about – and this is the exact message that Johnnie Walker wants to convey in its latest initiative. With the JohnnieWeekend Creators Lab series, Johnnie Walker is leading the way in inspiring this new generation to keep walking by providing new experiences and venues where like-minded people can come together and grow their passions and craft. Comprised of creative workshops and community events, the JohnnieWeekend Creators Lab series is done in collaboration with trailblazers who have made their marks in their respective fields, and who will inspire others to do so.

For the first installment of the series, Johnnie Walker teamed up with Marvin Conanan and Deej Fabian to shine the light on local photography and music. These two esteemed artists have contributed greatly to the elevation of the local creative culture to a global scale. Through his establishment of PURVEYR, an online magazine, Marvin has created a tangible outlet where Philippine creatives are recognized and revered. Deej, on the other hand, sheds light on Filipino musicians through his film work, having partnered with artists from the Logiclub collective and more.

For the first part of the MarvinxDeej collaboration, up-and-coming photographers were invited for an audio-visual exercise, where they were given a playlist to listen to and translate into visuals. Marvin and Deej put together a short playlist of local music by Asch, She's Only Sixteen and crwn for the photographers to listen to and immerse with while walking around Poblacion for an afternoon photowalk. This exercise, while fairly unfamiliar to the participants and their more traditional methods of craft, was able to tap into their psyche of inspiration and incite a new experience.

Part two was a culminating exhibit at Dulo MNL to showcase the works of 6 featured photographers - Alyssa Uy, Ryan Tionloc, Aly Mananquil, Renzo Navarro, Jilson Tiu, Poj Gearlan, as well as the other talented artists who participated in the creative audio-visual exercise. The exhibit served as a stepping stone for these artists to move forward with their passions, and at the same time, served as a venue for the community to come together and get inspiration from the creative diversity that transpired during the party.

By providing outlets for uninhibited self-expression and symbiotic relation, #JohnnieWeekend is able to present progress in a new light – one that is devoid of pretense and competition, where individuals can coexist at their own pace, whether it’s two steps forward or back.  Whether you’re a budding musician or a photographer with a veteran eye, Johnnie Walker believes that sharing your talents and passion can draw a bigger picture of inspiring others to do the same. But here, it’s not about figures or garnering Instagram hearts, it’s about inspiring each other and creating a sense of community and collaboration that fosters personal growth.

From food to film, music to sports – Johnnie Walker will continue to collaborate with local trailblazers from different fields. A new installment for the Johnnie Weekend Creators Lab series will be introduced every month, where anyone can come together, share their passions and thoughts over a glass of Johnnie Walker. To know more about Johnnie Weekend, you can check out the JohnnieWalkerPH page on Facebook for more details.


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