PURVEYR is an independent media brand that aims to positively influence perspective of life through the Philippine Creative Culture. 

Our content is guided by the belief that there are Filipinos and non-Filipinos residing in the Philippines who live with a meaningful perspective of life. They exist with admirable outlooks of work, lifestyle, and culture. The objective is to share their stories, philosophies, and point of views that coincide with PURVEYR’s values in an engaging and insightful manner. Our content strives to influence our audience to lead a more thoughtful approach of living.

We also aim to present a unique vision of the ever-changing Philippine Creative Culture, which involves a focus on local brands, products, ideas, individuals and lifestyles. We highly regard passion, creativity, craft, aesthetic and information - things we mainly look for in stories and news we feature.

PURVEYR communicates its message and stories through a multi-platform method – digital, print, and events.

Everyone is diverse, which is why we have to be as well. While most of us are online everyday, the audience who interact with our content reach it in different ways. Some appreciate long-form online articles or well-produced videos, others think highly of consuming content through print, and majority take pleasure in physical interactions through events.


With the immediacy of the digital world, this part of the brand is at the core of what we do. The website publishes inspiring interviews, relevant features, and creative editorial pursuits, while our social media accounts act as news outlets for the Philippine Creative Culture. In addition, PURVEYR also delves into producing videos, mixtapes, and other multimedia projects to constantly evolve our ways of sharing stories.


The first issue of PURVEYR Magazine was launched in 2016, it was created to encapsulate and examine the Philippine Creative Culture through print. It is a project conceptualized to bring a new dimension to the brand, as well as bring forth a unique concept in the publishing industry. We believe that the Philippines deserves to be seen in a whole new way – as a progressive culture, and a society that is intelligent and skillful with diverse influences.


Even with the most effective storytelling methods for digital and print, we believe that nothing beats personal conversations and physical interaction in communicating ideas and stories. We have organized various events like photowalks, social gatherings, product launches, and more. We also host the biannual Pursuit Fair – a lifestyle fair focused on creating a space for thoughtful and well-crafted local brands, and the quarterly Spill the Beans with Yardstick – a get-together where ideas are shared, exchanged and challenged. Additionally, we constantly develop event ideas on how to achieve PURVEYR’s objective of positively influencing our audience’s perspective of life.

PURVEYR is currently run by two people with the help of talented contributors and interns.

Brand Director: Marvin Conanan
Business Director: Sara Martinez

Contributing Writers:
David Villania III (GnarRate)
Queencee Quitalig
Pam Musni
Arrah Balucating
Lausanne Barlaan
Tricia Quintero
MC Galang

Contributing Photographers:
Earl Roxas
Zaldine Jae Alvaro
Chrisia Borda

Nikko Munoz
Karl Eunin Boco
Sofia Erni Onte
Ivan Grasparin
Diether Lamonte

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